Something Has Shifted

Most participants at the recent conference in Hawaii brought with them a digital database with the email address of the people walking with them in transformation at home. This enabled the participants to send a daily link to their groups to view on a private page selected sessions. This allowed the people “at home” to not only see and hear what God was saying but also to receive the impartation. This played very well when on the last day of the conference, Saturday, the participants got together to discern what to do when they returned home and then proceeded to communicate this to their constituency who was waiting for them. This enabled those first day prophetic acts to be done not just by the participants but also by their associates at home. As a result we are receiving the most extraordinary testimonies of divine visitations in homes, schools, streets and corporations. These are the MOST EXTRAORDINARY reports I have ever heard in 30 years of transformation ministry. I am literally estatic. We are definitely on the home stretch toward the tipping point when transformation will go “sticky and viral”, to borrow  techie lingo. In the next few days we will make available a link on this website home page for you to access them. But in the meantime, DONT WAIT! Send us your testimony.

It is a new day. Praise the Lord. Ed