Your spouse is the only personal gift God will ever give to you.

He has given and will continue to give you many gifts; however, of those gifts, only your spouse is uniquely and exclusively designed for your personal enjoyment. Your salvation is the most precious present, but millions of people have it. Your job is another gift, but eventually someone else will pick up where you leave off. Your children have been entrusted to you for a season, but sooner or later they will leave the family nest.

However, when it comes to your spouse, God has created a person exclusively for you to enjoy in the context of marriage. He or she belongs to you and no one else until death do you part. He or she is a gift for life. No one else is entitled to that person but you.

When God created Ruth, my wife, He was thinking exclusively of me as far as marriage is concerned. Her sense of perfection is an ideal balance for my liberal visionary drive, and her eye for detail enriches and completes the ever-growing big picture I forever find myself drawing. It is incredible that God created and entrusted me with such a person for a lifetime. She is mine and no one else’s. I am hers and no one else’s. Your spouse deserves the best from you because no one can make you as happy as he or she can. Your spouse can give you sexual pleasure without guilt, understanding without patronizing, companionship without a price, children without shame.

Every time we love our spouses, God smiles on us. As a husband and wife lovingly embrace each other, the mystery of marriage with all its beauty adds another light to this dark planet.

Excerpt from Women God-s Secret Weapon by Ed Silvoso.