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Reaching Out To A City’s Orphans (The Juarez Miracle part 3)

Are you ready to be blessed? Here it comes! We just concluded five world-changing days of non-stop transformation ministry in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. I’m glad to report that the former murder capital of the world is emerging as an extraordinary transformation prototype. Last Thursday, the Avanza Sin Tranza (Thrive without Bribes in English) program was […]

Thriving Without Bribes (The Juarez Miracle part 2)

I am fascinated by the respectful way Jesus always treated sinners. No wonder He did not refute the accusation that He was a friend of sinners. The kindness that leads to repentance For instance, He told Zaccheus (a chief sinner) that he owned something that Jesus needed – a bed and a roof for the […]


Perhaps God has convicted you of double-mindedness. Now you are able to see the stronghold in your life, and you want to tear it down. Let me encourage you not to give up. Persistence is the opposite of instability. I suggest applying the 40-Day Treatment. Determine what the will of God is and begin to […]


A number of years ago, in a moment of unhealthy self-pity, I began to tell the Lord how badly wounded I was, how much our family and our team had suffered, how brutal the blows had been and how little return we had seen on our investment. The Lord’s reply shocked me: Ed, you should […]

Ed Silvoso: Wanted: Bond Servants.

One of the favorite expressions used by the apostles to describe themselves was “bond servant of our Lord.” A bond servant is one who sits at the door of his master, not even daring to look at him in the eyes. He watches his master’s hands. He never speaks unless first spoken to by the […]

Ed Silvoso: My Commander In Chief…

General Jonathan Wainwright was the only U.S. general captured by the enemy during World War II. He was left in charge of Corregidor, Philippines, by his superior, General Douglas MacArthur, when he was forced to flee to Australia to organize the Allied forces’ massive counterpunch that eventually defeated Japan. MacArthur’s orders to Wainwright were very […]

Ed Silvoso: How Far Can You See?

When I was a brand-new believer, my pastor told me I should share Christ with everyone I came in touch with at all times. No exceptions. He emphasized that if I did not do it, I was responsible for their eternal demise. I believed my pastor, and I wanted to obey him, but during my […]


Children are the best recorders but the worst computers. Everything they hear, they remember. But they don’t have the maturity to process it. One of the things I appreciate about my wife Ruth is that she set very high standards for the conversations we had when hosting guests in our home. Being into reconciliation and […]