Dave Beelen on Transformation

This book is a three legged stool you can set your life on.¬† It is theologically sound, Biblically grounded, and imminently practical. It’s a great book!”
Dave Beelen
Senior Pastor
Madison Square Church
Grand Rapids, MI

Rick Heeren on Transformation

The Lord has given Ed Silvoso five new paradigms-new ways of thinking-that stretch us as believers further than we have ever been stretched before. We are going beyond revival to the transformation of society; beyond the salvation of people to the salvation of nations. Perhaps the most amazing paradigm shift of all is that Christians will eliminate systemic poverty. Ed Silvoso’s new book, Transformation, will help you to see what you have never seen and do what you have never done.
Rick Heeren
Author, Thank God It’s Monday, The Threshing Floor; Editor, The Elk River Story
Minneapolis, MN

Francis Oda on Transformation

The genius of this extraordinary book is that, like a wonderful meal, it can be enjoyed by everyone.¬† Whether you are a homemaker, CEO, pastor, Christian or non-Christian, Ed Silvoso’s spiritual and intellectual banquet will stimulate every part of your palate.¬† He sparks the mind with the ‘meat’ of challenging paradigms, yet satisfies the intuition with the ‘potatoes’ of solid examples.¬† He challenges our Scriptural prejudices and adds the Tabasco of Godly wisdom.¬† His brilliant chapters on Capitalism and the Babylonian System transform familiar tastes in the most exciting and unprecedented ways.¬† He finishes with a personal ‘dessert’ which brought tears to my eyes and satisfaction to my heart.¬† Like the proverbial Chinese meal, this banquet will quickly leave a hunger to minister in the marketplace and leave a Godly legacy.
Dr. Francis S. Oda
CEO, Group 70 International
Sr. Pastor, New Life Church Honolulu
Chair, ITN Global Council

Jack Serra on Transformation

Once again Ed takes us deeper into the Word and expands our vision so that we can and must respond to the Word of God. The Five Pivotal Paradigms are the marching orders of every Christian. Understand and apply these paradigms in the marketplace and you will see cities and nations won for Christ. A must read!
Jack Serra
Founder of The M&M Consulting Group
Author of Marketplace, Marriage and Revival: The Spiritual Connection

Dave Seeba on Transformation

Although embraced by Christians centuries ago, the truth Ed Silvoso describes – God’s plan for blessing the nations – needs to be reaffirmed as a primary objective by Christ followers. In this book, Ed brings to light insights, both for those in the marketplace and those in the pulpit, of how to see the Kingdom of God affect their city, their region, and their nation. Applying these insights will help Christians fulfill their calling the ‘other 6.5 days a week’ and result in wonderful benefits for the struggling world around us.
Dave Seeba, CPA, President of Seeba & Associates, a Silicon Valley CPA firm

Bill Hamon on Transformation

Ed Silvoso has presented the heart of God and mind of Christ for the 21st Century Church.¬† For centuries the church has been more concerned with evacuation out of this world than bringing transformation to it.¬† Ed Silvoso has pioneered the truth of city and nation transformation by bringing revelation and activation of the saints in the workplace.¬† Many illustrations are used to show the workability of the kingdom principles he preaches and practices.¬† The truths Ed shares from the Bible and personal life experiences will transform Saints to demonstrate the kingdom of God and transform their area.¬† This book could be the catalyst that begins Christ’s determined purpose for the kingdoms of this world to become the kingdom of our God and His saints.
Dr. Bill Hamon
Bishop of Christian International Ministries Network (CIMN)
Author of ‘Day of the Saints’ and Eight other Major Books

C. Peter Wagner on Transformation

Far and wide God’s people are tuning in to His mandate to take dominion.¬† A passion is rapidly arising for pursuing aggressive, intentional social transformation.¬† Ed Silvoso is one who has been clearly hearing what the Spirit is saying to the churches, and his brilliant new book, strong on theory and intense on practice, is just what we all need to begin to take giant steps toward God’s new destiny for the world.
C. Peter Wagner, Presiding Apostle
International Coalition of Apostles

Os Hillman on Transformation

The faith at work movement has entered a new phase. We’re now seeing the fruit of men and women across the world seeing first-hand what can happen when they apply their faith at work. Ed Silvoso’s book, Transformation, is THE new handbook on workplace, city and nation transformation. Every practitioner should read this book.
Os Hillman, author The 9 to 5 Window, President,MarketplaceLeaders and International Coalition of Workplace Ministries

Doug Seebeck on Transformation

Ed Silvoso has once again made the complex understandable, by masterfully articulating a framework and guide for deep and lasting transformation in the marketplace. You will be inspired to see that indeed the whole world can experience the ‘fullness of life’ that Jesus Christ died to give, in this first heaven on earth. ¬†You will be convinced that the elimination of systemic poverty is perhaps the most important and overlooked task for ushering in God’s kingdom on earth. ¬†And whether you’re a pastor or politician, farmer or food processor, entrepreneur or lawyer, doctor or social worker, you will be compelled to live differently!¬† Thank you, Ed, for this great gift!
Doug Seebeck
Executive Director
Partners Worldwide
‘Christian Businesspeople Transforming Lives’