Bill Hamon on Transformation

Ed Silvoso has presented the heart of God and mind of Christ for the 21st Century Church.¬† For centuries the church has been more concerned with evacuation out of this world than bringing transformation to it.¬† Ed Silvoso has pioneered the truth of city and nation transformation by bringing revelation and activation of the saints in the workplace.¬† Many illustrations are used to show the workability of the kingdom principles he preaches and practices.¬† The truths Ed shares from the Bible and personal life experiences will transform Saints to demonstrate the kingdom of God and transform their area.¬† This book could be the catalyst that begins Christ’s determined purpose for the kingdoms of this world to become the kingdom of our God and His saints.
Dr. Bill Hamon
Bishop of Christian International Ministries Network (CIMN)
Author of ‘Day of the Saints’ and Eight other Major Books

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