Francis Oda on Transformation

The genius of this extraordinary book is that, like a wonderful meal, it can be enjoyed by everyone.¬† Whether you are a homemaker, CEO, pastor, Christian or non-Christian, Ed Silvoso’s spiritual and intellectual banquet will stimulate every part of your palate.¬† He sparks the mind with the ‘meat’ of challenging paradigms, yet satisfies the intuition with the ‘potatoes’ of solid examples.¬† He challenges our Scriptural prejudices and adds the Tabasco of Godly wisdom.¬† His brilliant chapters on Capitalism and the Babylonian System transform familiar tastes in the most exciting and unprecedented ways.¬† He finishes with a personal ‘dessert’ which brought tears to my eyes and satisfaction to my heart.¬† Like the proverbial Chinese meal, this banquet will quickly leave a hunger to minister in the marketplace and leave a Godly legacy.
Dr. Francis S. Oda
CEO, Group 70 International
Sr. Pastor, New Life Church Honolulu
Chair, ITN Global Council

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