Cindy Jacobs on Transformation

While many have talked and prayed for transformation, there has been a void place of practical solutions to how to actually reach cities and nations for God.¬† Ed Silvoso has done us all a favor with this ground-breaking book!¬† If you read Anointed for Business, you need to carefully study this book.¬† It is a “how to” manual for city transformation.
Cindy Jacobs
Dallas, Texas


Clifford E. Daugherty on Transformation

Without question, Ed Silvoso is the most insightful Biblical tour guide I know. This book takes the reader on a journey of God’s thoughts that only the Holy Spirit can reveal. It is a must read!
Clifford E. Daugherty, Ed.D.
President and Superintendent
Valley Christian Schools, San Jose, CA


John Isaacs on Transformation

When God was¬†looking for someone to¬†herald the message of transformation to the nations of the world, Ed Silvoso stood up and said, “Here I am, Lord, send me,”¬† and God took him up on it.¬† Ed’s latest book is not¬†only theoretical and Biblical, it is practical and real.¬† Reading this book will deposit real faith to believe that¬†Jesus Christ¬†uses real people in real life situations to really change the world.¬†¬†Ed’s insightful definition of faith as “the revelation of what is yet to happen” will challenge the reader to reach for nothing short of the¬†transforming¬†lifestyle God has purposed for all¬†His children to experience.
John Isaacs
Senior Pastor, KingsWay Community Church
Founder and President, Pray The Bay


Phil Nordin on Transformation

Ed Silvoso is a 21st Century Abraham – having received an (impossible) word – he has to courage to believe “it can be done”.¬† Ed’s insight into the scripture causes the familiar passages to blaze with color and fills the reader with expectancy of a world where the marketplace flouishes with believers that dare minister.¬† “Transformations” is not a book – It is a manual for the brave, a masterpiece for the theologian, and a road map for the entrepreneur.
Dr. Phil Nordin
Pastor /  Author


Chuck Ripka on Transformation

When you read Ed Silvoso’s book, Transformation, you will see that he is definitely¬†leaps ahead in his understanding of discipling nations. He is an¬†anointed, biblical teacher that has his ear¬†tuned¬†to the voice and¬†heart of God. Buckle up and prepare for take-off…this book is sure to shift you into new paradigms of transformation!
Chuck Ripka
President of Rivers Int’l, Ripka Enterprises
Author, God Out of the Box


Vaughn McLaughlin on Anointed For Business

Ed Silvoso has his finger on the pulse of God’s direction for the Church. Anointed for Business is a revelation that could uncover the resources to finance this last-day move of God. God has anointed people in the Body of Christ to be successful in the marketplace. This book will help you discover if you’re one of them.
The Potter’s House, Jacksonville, Florida


C. Peter Wagner on Anointed For Business

I believe that societal transformation is high on God’s agenda for this generation, and that the chief catalytic force to bring it about will be Christian believers ministering in the marketplace. Ed Silvoso shows more clearly than anyone else how you and I can help make this happen.
Chancellor,Wagner Leadership Institute


Pat Boone on Anointed For Business

What a terrific book! Twice in 1 Corinthians 7 the apostle Paul urges us to remain in the vocation to which God has called us. I’ve often paraphrased that by saying “Bloom where you’re planted!’ I believe that a carpenter, an accountant or a president is just as much a minister as a TV evangelist, and that his life and business practice are his most effective sermon. My thanks to Ed Silvoso.


Os Hillman on Anointed For Business

Ed Silvoso provides many fresh insights and applications not expressed in other faith-at-work resources. I found it biblically sound with many practical applications. Every Christian in the workplace should read Anointed for Business.
President, Marketplace Leaders and
International Coalition of Workplace Ministries
Author, The 9 to 5Window


David Bryant on That None Should Perish

Ed Silvoso makes the incredible credible. Can whole cities be evangelized? Yes! Is prayer really capable of bringing this to pass? Yes! Are there practical steps that anyone can take to defeat Dark Powers and set the captives in your neighborhood free? You bet! This book sounds the call to seize the moment. It gives you reason to hope!
David Bryant
Founder and President
Concerts of Prayer International