Dr. Ed Murphy on That None Should Perish

This may be one of the most important books to be written in this last decade of the twentieth century. It will convict and encourage you. It will stir you to faith and action. It will bring you to your knees. Above all, it will give you the missing keys to unlock the demonic prison doors of sin and misbelief which holds millions of city dwellers in bondage
till today.
Dr. Ed Murphy, author of The Handbook for Spiritual Warfare


A Review of “Transformation” from a Business Turnaround Specialist’s perspective


Dear Ed,

I have just completed your newest book Transformation-Change the Marketplace and You Change the World. The book had a profound impact on me and thus, I wanted to write you a letter of gratitude telling you in more detail of that impact.

As a background, I have felt strongly for some time that God was going to raise up Christian business leaders to operate their businesses in a way of excellence. As a result of operating on this higher plane, they would dominate their particular market niche. Through a combination of spiritual blessings, wisdom, insight and discernment plus operating according to best demonstrated business practices, these businesses would achieve a very high degree of sustainable competitive advantage. As a result of this success, these businesses would turn into virtual cash machines! Since the owners would have sold out completely to the Lord Jesus Christ, these cash streams would be held loosely and significant portions would be redirected into Kingdom work.

However, this vision flies directly into the face of the reality which is that up to 80% of businesses fail in the first five years. And depending on which set of statistics you are following, those businesses that survived the first five years also face a very low probability of success. Since I work in the world of business turnarounds, I’m acutely aware of this very low survival rate, even with Christian ventures. Your book, Transformation lays out a blueprint for believers to use so that they can move their business from failure and mere subsistence to success and ultimately significance.

Ed, as you mentioned in Transformation, “miracles are the best teachers”. Owners of failing businesses need to see miracles…they need hope. Once they see those miracles they are open to the transformation power of God in their lives and their businesses. It’s difficult to read Transformation and continue to think mere survival. I believe your book will motivate the struggling business person to soar with the eagles.

In every future business turnaround that I am called into, I plan on using Transformation has the spiritual foundation upon which the business needs to be rebuilt. The blueprint inherent in your book is the missing piece that I have been looking for to connect all the dots.

Thank you for allowing yourself to be used in such a powerful way by God to effectively communicate these ideas which the business world is so hungry for. The outcome of your transformation plan is so exciting. When one thinks of the goal of spreading the message of Jesus Christ to the whole world and eliminating systemic poverty in the process…what a significant way to live life!


Bob Wood
President, Virtual Knowledge Management, Inc.

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Letter from the Hawai’i State Senate


The Senate of the State of Hawaii takes great pride in recognizing organizations who improve the quality of life for the citizens of our island paradise.  As such, the Senate takes great pleasure in recognizing the Harvest Evangelism and the International Transformation Network for its commitment and dedication to the transforming the cities and nations of the world.

The 19th Annual International Institute of Nation Transformation, sponsored by Harvest Evangelism and the International Transformation Network, is taking place November 6-11, 2009 in Honolulu.  This conference will bring in people from six continents, 400 attendees from Hawaii and an additional 350 attendees from around the world.  This conference seeks to make changes to our cities and nations: seeing prisons transformed, ghettos revitalized, corruption removed, schools renewed, honest governments and businesses, and systematic hunger stamped out.

Founder and president of Harvest Evangelism and the International Transformation Network, Ed Silvoso and his wife, Ruth, have provided visionary leadership to the growing Harvest Evangelism and International Transformation Network team for over 25 years.  Over 300 cities have been impacted by this ministry, and the development of a nation transformation prototype in Argentina is in progress under Ed’s leadership.  The first “laboratory” was Resistencia, Argentina, where the implementation of these principles produced Church growth of over 1100% and a significant change in the spiritual climate of the city.  Other cities, such as San Nicolas and Mar del Plata in Argentina are also beginning to see similar breakthroughs.

Through Ed’s scriptural insights on the role of the church in the marketplace and his Bible based strategies on how to take the presence and power of God to the workplace have motivatedan equipped scores of people to find their spiritual destiny by turning their job into their ministry.  They are using a strategic alliance of Christians to build prototypes for city and nation transformation that meet the needs and challenges of our communities and countries.

As a result, we have seen Presidents, Governors, Senators and Mayors influence change in such a way that our communities are becoming corruption-free zones, and are inspiring and mentoring a new breed of politicians who are challenging the status quo to make our quality of life a better place for us, for our children and for their future.

The Senate of the Twenty-Fifth Legislature of the State of Hawaii hereby recognizes and congratulates Harvest Evangelism and the International Transformation Network on its work in transforming cities and nations, offers its warmest aloha to the visiting participants of the 19th Annual International Institute of Nation Transformation and continued success in all future endeavors.

(Certificate No. 2115, signed by members of the 25th Legislature)