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    • Ross Hall
      Ross Hall says:

      Dr. Ed… No one like you, Thank you for caring for our souls and being so generous to Leslie and me with your time. You and Ruth provide us an example how we take the Caleb and Hannah anointing into the next phase of life.
      Bless you Big time.

  1. Felipe de Stefani
    Felipe de Stefani says:

    Dear Ed, happy Birthday and blessings from Argentina! Your life and ministry are of great encouragement to our family and church in Argentina. May the Lord give you a thousand times more! (Deut 1:11). We pray for more grace and favor to you, as your (which means ours) biggest victory is still ahead. Felipe, Maria, Juan, Tomas & Joaquin

  2. andrew meyrick
    andrew meyrick says:

    Happy birthday Ed a man of great wisdom and understanding with love from Andrew Elo Amarissa and Alexandra Meyrick (born July 3 .2018 )
    Proverbs 7 verse 4

  3. Pastor Tony Summers & Family
    Pastor Tony Summers & Family says:

    “Look! Up in the Sky! It’s Bird! It’s a Plane!!! No. It’s 74! Dr. Ed Silvoso flying to another nation to Transform the World and make life better for other people!” Happy, Happy Birthday Dad Ed. Lord Jesus Bless You and Strengthen You for many many more years of Kingdom Service.

  4. John Robb
    John Robb says:

    Ed, Happy Birthday and congratulations on letting the Lord use your life and ministry the way you have for so many years! May your next years be especially blessed and fruitful to your 80th and beyond so that you will indeed be like Caleb, taking territory for Christ wherever you go!

    All His best always,


  5. Ken
    Ken says:

    Your my role model. I to at the age of 70 gave up the so called American Dream of golf, travel & self leisure so I can live to make much of Him. I love you & all u stand for- His Glory alone. Happy Birthday

  6. Israel Maldonado Balda
    Israel Maldonado Balda says:

    Querido Ed, desde Guayaquil, Ecuador mi más sincera admiración por su labor en el Reino de Dios, llevo más de un año estudiando sus enseñanzas, desde una noche en la que el Señor me levantó y me llevó a conocer sus libros a través de Kent Mattox. Ha sido de gran bendición para mi vida, Dios lo siga prosperando en todo y nos vemos en Octubre en Monterey, Ca

  7. Gene
    Gene says:

    Love this! What a joy to celebrate a tremendous man and brother. Thank you for continuing to lead the charge, Ed!

  8. vilia indahwati
    vilia indahwati says:

    Happy birthday Ed !
    I first heard you preach jn kingdom invasion held in singapore a few years back.
    And ever since my heart burns for my city and nation
    Thank you Ed, for being a living example of Jesus’ heart

  9. David Wendorff
    David Wendorff says:

    From the entire Wendorff family, whom you have touched in ways I don’t know how to describe, we say thank you! We honor you. We love you. We bless you. We call you friend, brother and father. Each year is a gift to serve our king this side of our transition, by faith, walking in what we know, and sometimes cannot see. You model that for us. Oh what an eternity we shall have together. Keep charging!, and have a Happy Birthday! David and Kristen Wendorff.

  10. Myra Northrup
    Myra Northrup says:

    Happy 74th Birthday, Ed! Your life is such an inspiration to me and so many others. It is a joy to wish you Happy Birthday, and be a partner bringing transformation to the nation’s. Love to you and Ruth.❤️

  11. Lina
    Lina says:

    Happy Birthday Ed. God bless and may he continue to watch over you & family as you do his work here on Earth. Mahalo for your love for Jesus!

  12. Sonny & Linda Lara
    Sonny & Linda Lara says:

    Happy Blessed Birthday! We love and honor you! We pray a multitude of blessings over you and your family.

  13. Peter Lapoint
    Peter Lapoint says:

    Happy Birthday Ed! We love you and Ruth and the impact that y’all are making around the world! My wife Angela and I had the privilege to participate in reaching cities in Argentina! It started when we attended *Light The Nations* Conference many years ago. Keep up the good work and would love to know more about your courses! In His Service, Peter & Angela LaPoint

  14. Nancy Jo Hinsen
    Nancy Jo Hinsen says:

    Ed, a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! Thank you for loving Jesus and His Church, His Body. Thank you for allowing the Power of God to flow through your yielded vessel. This also honors Ruth who is so much a part of you (two become one). You are so loved and appreciated by so many of us and many more to come in the future.

  15. Mary Upham Lathrop
    Mary Upham Lathrop says:

    Happy Birthday Ed! How fondly I remember our many times with you and your dear family over the years! We wish you a very blessed day and year of ministry—til your 75th!!

  16. Felisha Carter
    Felisha Carter says:

    Happy birthday to you. Such a godly man that is after the heart of God for the people of God. We love you in coldwater alabama and always bless us with your presence your teaching and the lobe that you have for God. Happy 74th to you Sir! Stay blessed ❤

  17. Charlene Noble
    Charlene Noble says:

    For the fear of God Love of Jesus and the Holy Spirit you may be knowledge as an good shepherd Happy Renew May your journey blessings those that are lost. Happy Birthday

  18. Lorene G
    Lorene G says:

    Happy Birthday, Papa Ed,
    You have inspired so many of us to live a purposeful life for Jesus and the kingdom of heaven to come to earth. Thank you for sharing your revelations and knowledge with us. God Bless You and keep you.
    Psalm 21
    5 Through the victories you gave, his glory is great;
    you have bestowed on him splendor and majesty.
    6 Surely you have granted him unending blessings
    and made him glad with the joy of your presence.
    7 For the king trusts in the Lord;
    through the unfailing love of the Most High
    he will not be shaken.

  19. Nancy Ortberg
    Nancy Ortberg says:

    Happy Birthday Ed! You are a generous, classy, kind, strong and smart man. I have experienced all of that when we meet. Your wisdom and care have made an impact on my soul and I hope the celebration of your Birthday allows you to hear and take in all of these tributes….Nancy

  20. Arne Sylta
    Arne Sylta says:

    Dear Ed.
    Blessings and love from the Haugian family in Bergen, Norway.
    You are our role model and my life changed totally after meeting and hearing you in Bergen 2001.
    Shalom from Hauge Business Network,
    Arne Sylta.

  21. Laura & Mihali Stavlas
    Laura & Mihali Stavlas says:

    Happiest birthday to you Ed! We are so very grateful for the amazing and inspiring and transformative father in the faith that you are. Thank you for all the ways you have counseled and encouraged us through your teachings and friendship. We pray this next year is your best year yet and pray God’s many blessings on your family!!!

  22. Mary-Louise Thurston
    Mary-Louise Thurston says:

    God Bless you!! Happy Birthday!! I am so glad to know someone whose promised land is transformed Nations!

  23. Kelly Barta
    Kelly Barta says:

    Dear Edad, Happy Birthday to you!!! Wishing you a very blessed year and a continued harvest of the many seeds you have planted and watered over the years. Love you dearly and am so grateful for YOU.

  24. Ladi Franklin
    Ladi Franklin says:

    Happy Birthday dear Mr. Silvoso. You have inspired me to become more in the marketplace since 5 years ago. I’m happy to let you know that the transformation in me has inspired many other Christians in the marketplace. May the hand of God continue to be upon you as you continue being a blessing to your generation.

  25. Brad Carlson
    Brad Carlson says:

    Happy Birthday Ed!

    You and Harvest Evangelism have been a blessing to me and our community in the Twin Cities for decades! I remember first see you in person with Dr. Neil Anderson in New Hope, then again in Minnetonka, at the St. Paul River Center and once more in Elk River!

    Your cassette tapes (boy are we old), videos and written materials have been used by me and many others in this area and around the world. As a matter of fact I just finished a series in Lent using your teachings from James (Edmonton) and another on Spiritual Warfare from Ephesians.

    You are loved here in Minnesota by many more than you may know 🙂

    Brad “Cookie” Carlson

  26. Vic.
    Vic. says:

    Happy birthday Ed. May the years ahead be full of abundant blessings in every area of your life. Bless you for being such a blessing to us.

  27. Agnes Majore
    Agnes Majore says:

    Happy birthday Ed! May almighty God satisfy you with Longlong life. May he continue to enlarge the place of your tent.

  28. Karissa
    Karissa says:

    Knowing you has changed my life from the inside out! Not just for the transformation principles you teach but how you model it on every level of your life. Watching you love and show grace in the most stressful of situations to all people has had a forever impact on me. You are consistently generous to give back financially, relationally, physically with your time and energy and spiritually with your prayers and discernment. The way you father your family, and adopted sons and daughters is so beautiful to watch. And your drive for life inspires me to be even more passionate for the Kingdom of God alongside you. Your generosity, passion, love and most of all your Fathering have made a forever impact on me. Thank you. I love you, Karissa

    • Karissa
      Karissa says:

      Also! How could I leave out: your love story with Ruth is unique and Declares true love to so many hearts. Thank you for modeling true pure deep honest love and always putting her first.

  29. Anna
    Anna says:

    I wish you the most happiest of birthdays. Thank you for being such a wonderful example of how to love your wife and family.

  30. Victor Pioli
    Victor Pioli says:

    Blessings Ed to you and your wonderful family. The angels sang on the day you were born.
    This is the day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.

    This is also my wife’s birthday, so we have double joy on June 15th.

    God bless

  31. Sharon Lin
    Sharon Lin says:

    Wishing you a very happy birthday, Ps Ed! I always thank God for being inspired and impacted by you, a truly humble, insightful and bold fatherly leader. My life is forever changed learning from and interpreting for you. May His love continue to be your source, blessing and strengthening your spirit, body and soul!

    SARA FRAHM says:

    I remember the first time I heard you speak in Los Angeles. I believe it was 1995, and I was introduced to the movement of identificational repentance. It was wonderful, and I believe Alice Patterson repented as well as a Japanese woman (or man?) to the Koreans. Many others followed. I soon had my own experience to repent in Mexico for the Mexican-American War. I remember the comment, “why don’t other Americans come and repent like this lady has done?” The wounds persist.
    I spoke on a panel about Freemasonry in Puebla, Mexico. The fellow next to me said, “bravo!” I was surprised and little did I know, we would become friends and he would translate my book into Spanish. I am thankful to hear of your energy and continued zeal for God’s Kingdom. May you live to accomplish all that He has planned for you! Bendiciones, de su hermana tejana.

  33. Tim and Karol Svoboda
    Tim and Karol Svoboda says:

    Happy 74th Ed. Your passion for cities, for transformation and for evangelism is contagious. Thank you for your apostolic leadership in moving the church outside the 4 walls of the building. Keep going.

  34. Emilio Sevilla
    Emilio Sevilla says:

    Happy Birthday amado Ed, celebramos contigo y la familia tus 74 años, con el privilegio de haberte conocido desde hace 16 años y haber sido impactado por tu visión global pero sobre todo por la persona que eres y la integridad y honestidad del carácter de Cristo en ti. Desde España, te amamos. Shalom

  35. Susan Said
    Susan Said says:

    Happy Birthday Ed! When I hear your name I think only of your smiling face and positive and encouraging words. It is the supernatural joy of the Lord and your personal knowledge of His goodness and your unwavering belief that His word and promises are true and are available to every believer, today, that shines through you. You are an inspiration to so many more than you know and it is a privilege to be connected with your ministry. Thank you for never giving up and for being an amazing example of strength through humility. I pray that abundant blessings would be released over you and your family and ministry to overflowing and that every cent donated would multiply!

  36. Mike
    Mike says:

    Many, many happy returns of the day Ed. Glynn and I still look back at a visit to one of your conferences at Mar Del Plata as a significant contributor to our faith and my Marketplace Ministry. The successful working together of the Church in our City of Port Elizabeth, South Africa for the last 20 years has also largely been inspired by Harvest International.

  37. Fieda McBride
    Fieda McBride says:

    Dear Ed, many many happy returns of the day from South Africa! Gen 6:3b ‘….yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years’. Amen! The best is yet to come!! Thank you for your obedience to the call of God on your life. You have enlarged the tent of our vision for our beloved country and already we are seeing amazing changes take place! And we praise God for you! May He continue to bless the work of your hands, your family and TOW. And may you have a ringside seat the day Rev 21:24 manifests!!! In His great love, Frieda.

  38. Riaan Sauer
    Riaan Sauer says:

    Hi Ed, Happy Birthday. May you enjoy Happiness, Blessings and God’s Love with your family and friends. Enjoy the day. Enjoy the Birthday. You are a Sent One from God. Be Blessed. Love, Riaan and Marie-Louise Sauer from South Africa.

  39. Rosa
    Rosa says:

    Ed, thank you for the books you have written. I still remember the first book I have read. It has helped me to look at myself differently in the light of God. Thank you for your ministry.

  40. Irvin Dolly Wilson
    Irvin Dolly Wilson says:

    Your Transformation Message has had Great Impact on us in Canada as First Nations Blessings to you on your Birthday 🗝🙏

  41. James W Goll
    James W Goll says:


    You are one of the brightest and greatest strategic thinkers and planners in our generation. I am so proud to know you and walk with you. You will have the greatest impact in the coming year that you have known. The Lord will use you in rallying the troops as never before! God Bless You!

  42. Annie Kennedy - Argentina
    Annie Kennedy - Argentina says:

    Happy blessed birthday Edgardo:
    One of the things I appreciate most of you is the way you teach how to love and be a blessing to your family. You have been an example in that and the Lord has honored you with 4 wonderful daughters who have followed the Lord and are a blessing to all those around you. The Lord also gave you with a beautiful loving wife. Bill and I enjoyed working with you and your team for the way you all the Lord.
    May Our Father keep on blessing you and your dear ones during the coming years.

  43. Cindy Nardi
    Cindy Nardi says:

    Happy Birthday, Ed! Your evangelism, prayers and teaching has changed many lives, including my own. Have a wonderful birthday and be blessed!

  44. Joy Addiss
    Joy Addiss says:

    Happy Birthday, Ed! You are such an example to me as someone who knows God intimately. The first time I saw you in Honolulu your whole family was on stage, including the little ones, stomping on the devil, doing warfare! No retirement in the Kingdom…I “retired” last May from a Christian preschool and 4 days later went to my new assignment for the Lord. This summer I will launch both my children into ministry, one in Australia and one in Texas…look out, devil, here they come! May the Lord continue to bless you and your family as you teach us to be life and world transformers!

  45. Tanya
    Tanya says:

    Happy Happy Birthday Ed!
    You truly are an example and walk what you teach more than any leader I have ever known! You and Ruth and your entire family are all an extension of the call on you to Transform Nations! We truly hope this 74th birthday will be filled with encouragement and even greater faith for all you have desired to see! With love and prayers
    Nate,Tanya,Mia, Mahlia, Makenna Mollenhauer

    • Rod Denton
      Rod Denton says:

      Happy birthday Ed
      What a year 1945 was. The second world war was finished, the United Nations was birthed Ed Silvoso was born on the 15th of June and then 94 days later on the 17th of September Rod Denton was born. I feel honoured to share with you Ed the year of our births and trust that you will have a most blessed day with your family.
      With sincere thanks for the privilege of meeting you 38 years ago in Peter Wagner’s Church growth class at Fuller seminary. Rod (and Sue) Denton

  46. Brenda Virtue
    Brenda Virtue says:

    God bless your birthday Ed. I’m just 3 years behind you, and suddenly the Lord has me running to be Minister of Parliament in my home region in Canada. I went to Argentina with you & about 500 others in about 1998 where I was in the Mar Del Plata team. I remember the Argentina kisses of the whole town & the Argentine evangelists saying, “Hold out your hands. We’re going to pray & God is going to give you something!” What the Lord gave me was a Giant Egg! When I returned to Sacramento, that egg cracked open & spilt onto my pastor a bit when he asked me to pray for him. But that egg has yet to fully manifest! Here in Canada we are on the cusp of the greatest revival ever, & I know that Argentine Anointing will play a crucial role. I am in a jail ministry here & remember the powerful revival that broke out in the Argentine prisons. I fully expect the Lord to do the same here & blow away all the plans of the enemy. Thanks so much for your dedicated service that changed & is still changing my life! God bless you with MAS FUEGO EL SENOR!

  47. Catherine Tawney
    Catherine Tawney says:

    Happy Birthday to you, Ed! I am so thankful for you and your wife. We had the honor of sitting in meetings with you both at Coast Christian Fellowship in Torrance. I remember feeling like you were my grandparents in God. You have greatly impacted my life and created a desire in me to see cities transformed. That will never leave me! Thank you for being real. You remind me of a strong, steady train propelled with love and power! I pray that you are richly blessed this year and that you would experience the goodness of God beyond your wildest imagination!

    With Love,

  48. razmik karabed
    razmik karabed says:

    Happy Birthday Ed, I do not know a better teacher than you.
    As God’s word has action — took flesh, your words also have had action, we see them in your Godly character, family and ministry.

    May our gracious God grant you all your birthday wishes!

    God bless you,

  49. Sophia So
    Sophia So says:

    Dear Dr Ed
    Happy Birthday
    may God bless you and family have a prosperous and healthy year, under the wings of God in safety.

  50. Tormod Sandsmark
    Tormod Sandsmark says:

    Dear father Ed,
    You are a blessing to me and my family. Through you, by God, we are in alignment with God and have peace in our hearts. You saw me in Bergen, out of many, in 2014. You stopped in the crowd, looked me in the eyes and gave me some uplifting words. Since then I have enjoyed being in your circles, close to you. Your faithfulness to Jesus and your truthfulness to life, is what I like the most about you. Your love for people and your believe in me is keeping me close to you. I wish you the best birthday ever. Congratulations with 74, Edgardo Silvoso!

  51. Jeanette Fraser
    Jeanette Fraser says:

    Love and blessings on this your special day! I am honored to have met and received an encouraging email from this humble man of God! The least are as important to Ed as the greatest! I have kept his response to my email many years ago and reread it several times , still brings encouragement and hope !
    May we see you in NS some day in the future, to help us transform this end of Canada!

  52. Jon & Fiona Krause
    Jon & Fiona Krause says:

    Happy Birthday young Ed! Bless you for your faithfulness to a faithful God and applying your God-given wisdom, insights and courage with such enduring impact. We have loved your visits to Singapore and look forward to more.

  53. Emma Schuler
    Emma Schuler says:

    Happy 74th Lelo! I am so blessed to have a grandpa like you! Your joyful heart and obedience to God always inspires me. You and Lela have cleared the land and tilled the soil so that your children and grandchildren could be spiritually fruitful and prosperous. We praise the Lord for you!

    I love that we share the same initials EES 🙂

  54. Connie Moore
    Connie Moore says:

    Happy Birthday Ed! Transform Our World has utterly changed my life as a grieving widow who has lost her only child. “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” Luke 1:37 May the God of all the Earth bless you and your family for many generations to come! Greetings from Baltimore, MD USA

  55. Brian & Margaret Burton
    Brian & Margaret Burton says:

    Wishing you the very best birthday yet! Looking forward to another year of The Extraordinary as God reveals more and more of His Awesome Plans to you and to the TOW family. But most of all thank you for not just being a Father figure to a movement but for being Dad all the time to both of us. Love you more than this comment box can accommodate!
    Blessings on your special day,
    Brian & Margaret

  56. Dawn Mohr
    Dawn Mohr says:

    Thank you for making a difference around the globe for the Kingdom of Heaven. We love what you are doing, and getting us to think so much bigger than our little world! Bless you Ed, and may you fulfill the mandate that Father God has given you to do. May you have an AWESOME 74TH BIRTHDAY and celebrate LIFE IN ABUNDANCE!

  57. Kevin Mitchell
    Kevin Mitchell says:

    Happy Birthday Papa Ed! I wonder if growing up you ever realized that you would be a father to so many spiritual kids across the world? Probably not but I think the Lord will continue to add arrows to your quiver as you continue to touch, bless and transform so many lives. Lori and I are profoundly thankful to be part of the family and call you our spiritual father. You have blessed us in more ways than I can count but I will say that you have encouraged and empowered both of us to be more of all called us to be than ever before. You have transformed us and our family into an Ekklesia and given us a heart to reach the world with a lifestyle of prayer evangelism. With so many sons and daughters it amazes me how you manage to give us your personal attention and let us know in tangible ways that you love us and care for us. In that, I know you are reflecting the image of our heavenly father who counts even the hairs on our heads. We thank God for you and the blessing you are to our lives and our family. May the Lord continue to bless you and continue to take you to those heights and hills you still look to conquer and take for the Kingdom. Have a wonderful 74th – may this be the best year yet for you and the entire Silvoso family!

  58. Christina Lee
    Christina Lee says:

    Pastor Ed Silvoso

    Happy and blessed birthday to you!

    God gives you power and wisdom continuosly!

    God bless you abundantly!

  59. Diane Vermooten
    Diane Vermooten says:

    Dearest Ed – there are at least 74 reasons to give you for the impact and encouragement that you give those you come into contact with you. In one of our AFRICAN languages, the word encouragement has the same root meaning as the word resurrection. That is what you do as you speak hope, faith and encouragement to the people who have the privilege to call you friend, mentor, advisor and family.Happy happy birthday.

  60. Daniel Chiok from Vancouver
    Daniel Chiok from Vancouver says:

    Happy Birthday bro. Ed,

    First of all you are blessed and God continue to use you more mightily in days ahead . May the Lord guide and protect you sir in all your ways ! Happy 74th birthday !

  61. Debbie Marino
    Debbie Marino says:

    Happy Birthday Ed from PropheticsGallery.com artists and me!! Praying God’s heavenly blessings on you on your birthday and throughout the year. Thank you for all that you do in your ministry and you have been a blessing to so many of us. Here’s to changing cultures around the world for the Glory of God!!

    • Carolyn Mobley
      Carolyn Mobley says:

      Wishing you a birthday with blessings galore! “But (God) lavishes unfailing love for 1000 generations on those who love him and obey his commands.” Since God said it and recorded it in Exodus 20:6 and Deuteronomy 5:10, that is, two times, it is important for us to remember. You are one who obviously LOVES our Lord Jesus and obeys him. Your legacy will continue for many generations. I thank God for you and your witness as a true disciple of the Lord.

  62. George Campbell
    George Campbell says:

    Brother Ed,
    May God bless you and your family on your birthday! Thank you for what you have done in serving our Lord and King these many years! Keep going!!!

  63. Roger
    Roger says:

    Thank you for hearing the LORD and writing down His revealed wisdom over the decades.
    So glad to see kingdom seeds grow into trees of transformation,
    to give us hope for our local spheres of influence.
    Enjoy your 74th mile marker day!

  64. Aileen Hudson
    Aileen Hudson says:

    Dear End, wishing you abundant blessings as you celebrate the great gift of 74 years of life. You are an inspiration to me and I am so happy to count myself as a member of your spiritual family. May God grant you your hearts desire today and always. Blessings in abundance


    Dear Ed,
    As you partner with the angels and saints around the world, discipling and bringing thousands upon thousands into the Kingdom of God, we join with the heavenly host in proclaiming the greatness of God singing:

    “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come!” (Rev. 4:8)

    All praise and Glory be to God! We celebrate before the throne of God with them for your faithful service to Him all these wonderful, 74 years. God bless you and may God’s face continue to SHINE upon you (Numb. 6:24-26)!

    Happy Blessed and Glorious Birthday!

    Kit and Wanda Reichow

  66. YK Chan
    YK Chan says:

    Happy birthday Father Ed!

    We want you to know that your faith and goodness inspire us everyday!

    YK, Mimi and the Yahyagils

  67. King Flores
    King Flores says:

    A Blessed birthday to God’s amazing 000 agent of world transformation. You are not just a father to us but also a great encourager, a great mentor and enabler and a great source of inspiration to keep on moving forward regardless of whatever situation you’re in. I am pretty sure your rewards in heaven will be exceedingly great. May our good God continue to use you as His mouthpiece to more world and church leaders and bless you with resources beyond your imagination. Enjoy your day Edad from Flores Family and the ekklesia in the Philippines

  68. June C.
    June C. says:

    Dear Ed, May God pour out blessings beyond measure for you personally as well as for your ministries in honor of your 74th birthday. You, Ruth and your entire family are an inspiration to so many. Thank you for the encouragement you have given to me personally. From your friends in Melbourne, Australia, we can attest that your kingdom influence reaches to the uttermost ends of the earth. May God give you increase, more favor, new open doors, continued strength, energy and good health for many more fruitful years of ministry.

  69. Kevin Ikeda
    Kevin Ikeda says:

    Dear Dr. Ed, HAPPY 74th BIRTHDAY!!!!! Thank you for the witness of your walk with the Lord, and sharing the strategies and lessons learned behind the victories over the devil. Thank you for your and Ruth’s personal investments and sacrifices of time and energy into us and our future. Your teaching, mentoring, and personal investments have changed our lives. Thank you for birthing boldness, vision, and commitment. May the Lord release fresh revelations of strategy from heaven, expansion of your network of connections to higher levels and new regions, and greater levels of influence and favor in the worldwide marketplaces, Governments, and education.

  70. Robin Clark
    Robin Clark says:

    Happy 74th Birthday Papa Ed,
    You have been the single most leader who has revolutionaized evangelism and city taking. You have made impacts to my life, my family and will be our little town of Lahaina in Maui, Hawaii. Your perseverance and heart for God and the mission to reach all for the kingdom inspires me to keep reaching out. Thank you for showing us how to reconcile all relationships, cease from judgement of others and church groups, and to bring JESUS to the forefront. Your love for Ruth and your family involvement in the ministry is an awesome example of how to live as believers, not act as one. May God bless you abundantly with the desire of your heart to see nations transformed. Being around the ministry of Transform Our World, brings me hope in every situation. Thank you so much, our ministry has brought strength to our family, and church body. Robin Clark

  71. I reen
    I reen says:

    Dear Ed

    Hello from Singapore!
    I first heard you share at the Kingdom Invasion 2018.

    I was tremendously impacted
    I have been in church for many years but in my 38 years, it was the first time I heard someone so clearly articulate how one could be a believer and a practical impact to the marketplace.

    When you and your Wife did the afternoon session and prayed over us, I felt such a warmth
    It was a family time where Mom and Dad prayed and imparted over us.

    We love you.
    Your ministry is not just seen in those who show or say appreciation to you but I know that when you go to heaven, you will then truly know your impact.

    I pray God’s richest blessings over your family.

  72. Barbara Bucklin
    Barbara Bucklin says:

    Rejoicing that you were born and, even more, that you are born again!
    Austin is God’s city, and we so agree that more prayer is needed.
    Count us in. And coming to Monterrey as well.
    Blessings of favor and fresh downloads from His throne.
    Happy Birthday!

  73. John Bootsma
    John Bootsma says:

    Happy Birthday, Ed! What’s 74 years in light of eternity, yet you have lived them with such great fruitfulness, leaving behind you a great heritage & legacy in the many that are blessed to be spiritually fathered by you! You are an inspiration to those of us that are younger in the faith. I so appreciate your amazing leadership, great humility, wisdom, work ethic, authority, anointing & pursuit of God’s heart. It’s an honor to know you & learn from you. Thank you & may the Lord cause you to finish the last anchor of your race with incredible stamina & grace!

  74. David and Mary Lee Lobach
    David and Mary Lee Lobach says:

    Dear Ed,
    We wish you a joyous 74th birthday celebration!
    Your zeal and energy for advancing the Kingdom continue to be a huge inspiration and encouragement to us.
    We are very grateful for all we have received from you, your family, and the TOW movement.
    The life of every member of our family has been impacted and envisioned because of you and your ministry.
    We honor and thank you for opening our eyes and our hearts to the greater calling of discipling nations for Global Transformation.
    We cheer you on as you on as you continue your pursuit of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.
    We pray that our Lord continue to bless, prosper and protect you in your greatest years that lie ahead!
    Love and blessings from the Lobach family.

  75. M. Davenport
    M. Davenport says:

    Happy Birthday, Ed! The Lord bless you a thousand times for the ways you have lavished love on Him in your faithful service! Your constant love for Christ, love for the nations, for the individual, for the lost, for the saved, for the wounded, and for the strays…..it is an example to us all! Your message of hope, constant encouragement to persevere in faith and in sharing the love of Christ in the marketplace is SO needed in the body of Christ, and a GREAT blessing to us all! I give all the glory to God! He is the author and perfecter of your faith, the One who has gifted you to serve Him, the One to whom all the glory is given! He has counted you worthy of your calling, He has given you the gifts that accompany those who fear the Lord, and He has multiplied the seeds sewn through you in ways that He alone knows and He alone receives the glory! I will never forget the Light the Nations conference. Who knows what the Lord has accomplished through that alone! The Lord bless you and keep you, continue to shine His face upon you, lift up His countenance on you, and give you His peace.

  76. Ron Jacobsen
    Ron Jacobsen says:

    Hi Ed,

    Happy Birthday! You have blessed me a countless others. We also share a birth date and are exactly 20 years apart. You have been a long distance mentor for whom I’m eternally grateful.

  77. Jackie
    Jackie says:

    Happy 74th birthday Papa Ed! It is a joy and honor to be one if your spiritual daughters and to be part of the TOW family. You model daily the heart and love of the Father and exemplify humility, strength and courageous faith. It is my joy, honor and delight to glean and learn from you in the so many ways that you have touched my life. Thank you for your tremendous labor of love and sacrifice and may God release the storehouses of heaven upon you in this season that there not be room enough to contain it!!! With love, honor and gratitude…..Jackie

  78. Graham and Lauren Power
    Graham and Lauren Power says:

    Happy Birthday Ed, you are an amazing rolmodel, an inspiration, a fatherly figure to many of us around the world. May GOD Bless you with great health, wisdom and favor – Ps 121
    I look forward to seeing you and Ruth at the conference in October.

  79. Patsy White
    Patsy White says:

    Happy Birthday Dr. Silvoso! Thank you for your transformational ministry. Your revelations are like rivers in the desert, an oasis of understanding. Happy Birthday and Happy Father’s Day. You have many, many children!

  80. Sandra Hahs
    Sandra Hahs says:

    Happy Birthday Ed! You are such an inspiration of faith and zeal for the Lord. You have blessed us so much and we feel very privileged to partner with you in advancing God’s kingdom. I’m always blown away by your sensitivity, care and love for us. I honor you today as the mighty leader and father that you are and pray for abundant years and prosperity in Jesus name!

  81. Chaia Hazan
    Chaia Hazan says:

    I’ve only spoken with you for a quick second at the KBA conference last year. But this is what I noticed… You have a calming, humble presence…. Yet you carry an authority that is unrefutable. God trusts you. You are a king in his kingdom…a lion! Like Aslan, you have such a sweetness and love that oozes from your eyes, yet you have the authority to take down strongholds and to fight and protect the bride of yeshua. He is so proud of having you as a son! Being in your presence instantly brings a feeling a safety to me. I am so excited to have met you and look forward to spending eternity with you! But I selfishly hope yahweh gives you many more years with us on this side of his return. Happy birthday Ed!

  82. Fatima Sibanda
    Fatima Sibanda says:

    I just met you in Bristol this May and I bought your books.The Pura Factor opened my eyes and am now reading Women,God’s Secret Weapon.I am learning a lot.I am therefore grateful for the birth of such a great man who has already impacted my life greatly in such a short space of time.We are going to order more books for our leaders locally and abroad.My husband, our senior pastor can’t wait to meet you too.Long may you live so you may continue to equip the body of Christ.May the Lord keep you for us and give you more grace and strength to do all that which he has called you for.Happy birthday.

  83. Sai and Nanette Mudiam
    Sai and Nanette Mudiam says:

    Happy Birthday Ed from Word Alive family in Alabama
    May God bless you and keep you –You have been a blessing and an inspiration to the both of us. Thank God for you.

    Sai and Nanette Mudiam

  84. Betsy Jones
    Betsy Jones says:

    Happy Birthday Ed! This morning I read what you wrote about needing ‘clean hands’ to influence our neighbors for Christ and immediately thought of a neighbor who has been isolated within our community for years because of problems in his family. Instead of reaching out to him with the love of Christ we had pushed him away out of fear. Conviction came into my heart because I had been a police officer during the years of his problems and it was on my advice that the Christians of the neighborhood reacted to him with hostility instead of Christ’s love. Since then, I have become a Christian, heard your neighborhood story, and have prayer walked our street. I always prayed for him when I walked by, but never had the courage to go talk to him because of the burden of guilt I felt. But this morning, I knew to have ‘clean hands’ I needed to ask his forgiveness for how my actions hurt him. He received it very well and now there is a bridge. Thank you for your faithfulness and for openly sharing your own struggles. May God richly bless you and keep you in His way.

  85. Greg Pagh
    Greg Pagh says:

    Happy Birthday Ed! Enjoy a special day in Norway with Ruth and some of your awesome kids and grandkids, as well as a wonderful Father’s Day on Sunday. One of my favorite songs is “Good, Good Father” by Chris Tomlin. You are a “good, good” spiritual father to so many of us in this global transformation movement. Colleen and I love you! God bless you on your special day!

  86. Elias
    Elias says:

    Dr. Ed,
    I am here to whish you Happy birthday. Be happy becouse even staying so far and without knowing all of us you still bringing happiness for many families. Be happy becouse God chosen you to let us know what is the marketplace and our responsabilities on that as Eckesia.

    God Father bless you.
    Elias Francisco

  87. Debbie corona
    Debbie corona says:

    Carlos and I send our wishes for a 74th birthday like none other!
    You and Ruth are a fine example of just how to “run this race well!”
    We know you will be blessed by the love and care expressed in each of these birthday wishes,
    (I had lots of scrolling to get to this place)
    Happy birthday to you ❤️
    Love, Debbie and Carlos

  88. Jean Knox
    Jean Knox says:

    What a great encouragement you have been for many years, Ed, and with your dear wife Ruth. Happy Birthday! Through your books, beginning with That None Should Perish, and later through the conferences, you have brought hope and encouragement, especially in prayer for countries and in appreciation of all the gifts as God gives them, whether in church or in the marketplace. May God give you even more grace and mercy to others, new anointing and favor this year and in the years to come, and even more confidence in praying for cities and nations. Jean Knox

  89. Richard Osiowy
    Richard Osiowy says:

    Happy Birthday Ed,
    Praise God for the abundant life he has given and your surrender allowing his will be done is a testament to your faith.
    May the Love of Jesus Christ overfill your heart for other to share.
    Your surrender is an inspiration to many of what God can do with and through our lives


  90. Audrie Haynes
    Audrie Haynes says:

    Happy birthday Ed! You are truly a man who loves God with all his heart, mind, soul & strength. You love God and love your neighbors. God bless you!
    with love in Christ, The Haynes Family

  91. Kim Esbenshade
    Kim Esbenshade says:

    We are Thankful God made you! Mercy unto you and peace and love be multiplied. (Jude 2).
    May the Lord continue to bless you and make you a blessing.
    Jesus Loves You.
    Blessings. from the Esbenshade Family

  92. Matt and Bonnie Thompson
    Matt and Bonnie Thompson says:

    We are praying that the Lord richly bless and prosper you in all His purposes as you enter a new year of life in Christ. We thank the Lord for our remembrances of you, Ruth and your family. He has blessed you richly and gifted you as a blessing to so many. The Lord grant you a blessed and happy birthday and many birthdays to come!

  93. David Melander
    David Melander says:

    Happy birthday Ed. You are such a remarkable person and you have left such an incredible legacy of great faith and leadership. I was so privileged to meet you in Hong Kong, thanks so much for that opportunity. May you have even more fruitful ministry in the years ahead. I look forward to connecting in the near future as the Lord leads.

  94. Jill Robson
    Jill Robson says:

    Dear Papa Ed,
    Happy Birthday!
    These last years have been full of iconic celebrations with wedding anniversaries etc. And the celebrations will continue with the 30 years anniversary of the Global Conference next year. It keeps getting better and that is what marks you above the rest – you epitomize the truth of a believer going from Glory to Glory better than anyone I know! I constantly receive impartations from you on that with every Argentinian fatherly hug and your powerful words of affirmation. I honor you so much and bless you today as you celebrate in Norway. Much love Jill

  95. Chris Takashima-Miller
    Chris Takashima-Miller says:

    Ed, Happy Birthday! I pray each affirmation you receive from others through this tribute seeps into your soul & spirit to revitalize and push you on towards your next mountain. Its hard to narrow down the praise. But here goes! I love your ability to see others according to the Spirit. I admire the way you lift-up and support those who serve alongside you. I stand in awe of your tireless energy and the way you push yourself to serve God. I enjoy your creativity and active imagination. I see the Trinity passing a wonderful Brag Book around the throne as they watch you walk out this life on earth! Jesus is the most in awe, as He knows what it takes to be on the earth. May the affirmation of Heaven tickle your ears more than all other praise and spur you on. Much love always

  96. Korrie Silver
    Korrie Silver says:

    Happy Birthday Dr. Ed! Your life and ministry have left such an impact on me. Thank you and may God’s richest blessings chase you down and overtake you this year!

  97. Sally and Chuck Cook
    Sally and Chuck Cook says:

    Dear Ed,
    Happy Birthday!
    You are such an inspiration and pioneer in the realm of the kingdom and I am forever grateful for your wisdom. Thank you for loving Jill so well and for being the incredible man that you.
    May God pour out even greater measures of Holy Spirit this year in ways you could never ask for or imagine!
    Blessings Chuck and Sally Cook

  98. Ian & Gunilla
    Ian & Gunilla says:

    Blessing of fullness of life to you. The Kingdom of God on earth is so much richer because of the gift you are to the church.

  99. Marcus Verbrugge
    Marcus Verbrugge says:

    I pray that I might be even a fraction of the blessing that you have been to so many. Happy Birthday Ed!

  100. Munyadziwa Kwinda
    Munyadziwa Kwinda says:

    Dear Ed

    May the Lord continue to keep you strong until you accomplish all that he has called you to accomplish.

    You are a blessing to the Body of Christ

  101. Cindy O.
    Cindy O. says:

    Happy Birthday, Ed! What a joy and privilege it has been to serve you and Ruth these past 26 years. What amazing things the Lord has done, and continues to do through your life and the team and network you lead so faithfully. It’s a thrill to be a part of it. Isaac and I love you very much!

  102. Daniel & Jo, Maidstone UK
    Daniel & Jo, Maidstone UK says:

    Dear Ed, we thank God because you have been such a blessing to us all with your loving support, encouragement, spurring us on through the challenges, rejoicing in the blessing and inspiring us to dream for more of Him.
    Your energy and passion at 74 is a model I dream of following.
    God bless you on your birthday and in every area through the year ahead.

  103. Dave & Sue Thompson
    Dave & Sue Thompson says:

    “The One who knows us best loves us most.” It’s a phrase from a song about the depth of the Father’s love for us…and yours. For 35 years, Sue and I and our family have been reenvisioned, refreshed, restored, renewed, remodeled…and all the “re’s” that can be imagined…in the shelter of your love. THANK YOU, Ed (and Ruth!). HAPPY BIRTHDAY…and we look forward to many more together!!

  104. Heidi Habben
    Heidi Habben says:

    Happy Birthday Ed!
    Thank you for being a blessing in my life.
    I remember ‘living’ in my Mom’s hospital room back in 2009 after her heart surgery reading ‘Anointed for Business’ aloud to her =)
    The C+S team loved, loved, loved working with Evelyn and Jill this year. They are spectacular woman!!!


  105. Tony Pandjiris
    Tony Pandjiris says:

    Happy Birthday, Ed. Blessings to you and everything you do to further God’s kingdom. We have enjoyed getting to know you better this year at NCS in San Francisco and Silicon Valley!

  106. Clifford Sullivan
    Clifford Sullivan says:

    Dear Ed, I have been inspired by observing your marriage and family life. Likewise your hunger and thirst for more and more of the Spirit. Your ministry brings out in and through us dimensions of the Kingdom of God and encourages us on to be more than we would otherwise be. We are profoundly grateful to God for you. Love you so much.

  107. Leon and Salomé Roat
    Leon and Salomé Roat says:

    Beloved Ed,
    Happy Birthday!!
    Thanks for being who you are, a mighty man of God, a wonderful son that loves Him and His people. Thanks for being an inspiration to so many and for transforming our world into a better place. We love you and bless you in this beautiful day of your birthday and always.
    Con mucho cariño,
    Leon and Salomé

  108. Lynn Snavely
    Lynn Snavely says:

    A blessed birthday to you!
    Mahalo for all of your inspiration over the years! I so appreciate you and your ministry!
    Keep up HIS good work…

  109. Robin Ventura
    Robin Ventura says:

    Ed, you and Ruth have changed my life! I have been following you since 1995, learning from you, making changes in my life, finding God’s direction & purpose, because of your faithfulness in taking time to hear God, and share what you hear with us. I value you, and thank you for being who you are, God’s faithful son! God bless you mightily!

  110. Ron Hamilton
    Ron Hamilton says:

    You do not know me but I have been involved with Lance Wallnau in his War Room and saw your interview with him on YouTube. My vision and call is around activating believers in the 7 Mountain Mandate so I bought your book Ekklesia dnd it has blessed me beyond words!y wife and I have started a home group called Ekklesia! Thank you for your obedience to God!

  111. Priscilla Harlins
    Priscilla Harlins says:

    Happy Birthday Dr Ed! Your life and love for Jesus speaks for itself. You are a humble, yet great man of God who has served and continues to serve tirelessly. May our Lord’s abundant blessings continue to overtake you and elevate you even further for the kingdom of God. May God grant you the desires of your heart.

  112. Mike fletcher
    Mike fletcher says:

    Happy birthday Ed. ThNk you for serving the nations and we went to your homeland many years ago bro . Your ministry has always been a blessing to us and many others. Blessings to you and family

  113. Cocanours
    Cocanours says:

    Dear Ed…Happy 74th Birthday! All the days ordained for you were written in His book before one of them came to be! Grateful for your steadfast love, faith and commitment to the LORD and to bringing His Kingdom to the nations. God bless you and your amazing family as you celebrate your life and all the LORD has done.

    • derk maat
      derk maat says:

      Dear Ed Happy Birthday on your 74th year. May God Bless you this day and many more! As a fellow septarian i am constantly amazed at your stamina passion and vision that the Lord has blessed you with! Thankyou so much for being in our lives and loving Canada and the rest of the world in all that you do. Derk and Annita

  114. Folarin Taiwo
    Folarin Taiwo says:

    Dr. Ed,Though I have not met you physically your work has tremendously impact my life and ministry. I want to congratulate you on this your birthday. May the good Lord continue to strengthen you and multiply His grace upon you. May you continue to be relevant in His Assignment.

    My group in CGI says once again congratulations and wish you more years of useful contributions in His Kingdom in Jesus’ Name.

  115. Apostle H. Daniel Wilson
    Apostle H. Daniel Wilson says:


  116. Tony Kim
    Tony Kim says:

    Dear Ed, happy happy birthday to you! Jessica and I, the Kim Family, plus the entire Renaissance family celebrate your life. You are not only a gift to the body of Christ, but, a gift to me and our family. Thank you for your constant encouragement, exhortation, and for speaking into my life since we reconnected over the last year or so. We pray for continued strength, favor and increased vision as you continue to lead us into TRANSFORMING OUR WORLD. We honor you and celebrate you! We love you! – Tony Kim and family

    • Steve & Barb Chua
      Steve & Barb Chua says:

      Happy Birthday Papa Ed! Barbara, and our Chua clan send abundant blessings to you as you celebrate your 74th year. You have inspired us to believe God for so much more. Your love, passion and relentless pursuit of Kingdom transformation has been an incredible encouragement for us give our lives to see Heaven invade earth. Thank you for believing in us and being willing to take time to personally invest in our lives. We are excited to be on this adventure with you our TOW family. Believing for great and miraculous days ahead.

      Much love
      Steve & Barb Chua

  117. Dave Jr.
    Dave Jr. says:

    Happy Birthday Ed!!

    There are nearly 60,000 people that are age 100 and alive today. You got this! Start the count down! : )

  118. Larry Hill
    Larry Hill says:

    Happy Birthday Ed!
    I remember when we first met back in 1988 at the Harvest festival in San Jose. Over the years, you have had a BIG impact on my life and I’d like to say THANK YOU! Have a wonderful year and I hope to see you soon!
    Larry Hill

  119. Gina Grinis
    Gina Grinis says:

    Edgardo, Ken’s invitation to this birthday wish page described you as, “… having envisioned hundreds of thousands of people how to take God’s presence and power everywhere they set foot.” That is a beautiful description of the legacy that you have left in my life. I am keenly aware of and constantly hunger for God’s presence and power becajuse I have watched you and Ruth live with that passion. Thank you for your teachings, for your example. My birthday wish for you is a day filled with peace, confidence in His provision, new revelation of His purposes, and … a big serving of Ruth’s arroz con leche. Felicidades, Che. 🙂

  120. Glem Dias
    Glem Dias says:

    Dear Ed, Happy Birthday! May the Lord bless you now and always. Your teachings have been a huge blessing to me and my marketplace ministry.


  121. Vaughn McLaughlin
    Vaughn McLaughlin says:

    Well, it’s another year. Time is definitely flying. I remember when you were my age. :o). When I met you, you were my age. You are a strong man. At the age of 74 you’re as strong now as you were the day God called you. There is no ceasing, no slowing down, no slacking and no turning back. You are a model to so many of what it means to be obedient and totally engulfed in your purpose.

    Your love for God and your family and those connected to you is mind blowing. Enjoy your day and your family and friends. Happy Birthday!!!!! To a great man of God.

    Son (Bishop)

  122. Dave Seeba
    Dave Seeba says:

    Hi Ed
    I hope this is a great year for you. We always remember all your encouragement to us over the years to be who God has made us & called us to be. I’ve been priviledged to “dream big” with you. Trust you will continue to seek Him for great things. Blessings

  123. Cal and Joy
    Cal and Joy says:

    Happy Birthday, Papa Ed! 🎁🌈🎉🎈 !
    May this year be the best year yet!
    We ❤️ Aloha ❤️You so much!
    ~Cal and Joy~

  124. Mike and Amy
    Mike and Amy says:

    Happy Birthday Ed!
    Amy and I bless you on your birthday, We speak life and health over you, over all your relationships and all that you put your hands to. Our family has been blessed and the generations to come have been impacted because God allowed our paths to cross. We are eternally grateful to be beneficiaries of the paradigm shifting insight that God consistently gives to you which you gladly give away. Thankful to be working with you and the team in the family business! Amen.
    With warmth and much love on this special day,
    Mike and Amy

  125. Ted
    Ted says:

    Ed – what a gift from God it has been to serve you all these years. I am so honored to be one of your spiritual sons. Everything Ken writes above I agree with. Your example has inspired me so much, I love to tell people the back story of the ministry I work with and about the super hero, who is a real super hero who founded it. Every time I do that I get holy ghost goose bumps and usually start to cry. God has used you powerfully, you have been faith to His call, and the best is yet to come. Go Jesus, and keep up the good work Ed!

  126. Billy Lau
    Billy Lau says:

    Dear Dr Ed, Happy birthday! We give thanks for you to our Heavenly Father as your life is truly a blessing substantiated by your decades of faithful and fruitful ministry. May the Spirit of the Lord continue to shower you so that rivers of living water keep flowing from you. May all the people who you are in contact with are all ignited by the ardent fire of the Holy Spirit that is in you. And may the wind of the Holy Spirit be with you wherever you are assuring you that you are dearly loved! Shalom!

  127. John Wilkins
    John Wilkins says:

    HBD indeed, dear Ed! May the Lord grant you 46 more celebrations! At 86 I assure you the Caleb anointing is strong!
    I would love 100 copies of ‘Ekklesia’ to help our city’s Body of Christ be released from the ‘one-day-a-week’ mindset! I’m ready to spread the Word here in Darwin! Loved shaking your hand in Jakarta May 2012!

  128. David Ayer
    David Ayer says:

    It would difficult to describe the affect you have had in my life though we have never met. I was a brand new Christian attending a very conservative Pentecostal church that taught a very narrow Gospel that excluded most everyone. Then walking though a Bible bookstore a title caught my eye and I felt the Spirit of the Lord tell me to by it. “That None Should Perish” was the first Christian book I ever read outside of the Bible and it changed my life. I literally said, “I need to know what this man knows.” Since then I have received two Masters Degrees and am working on a doctorate but the reason was what you planted in my heart in that book. With all that said I just want to say, Happy Birthday. You still make me dream of a revival that goes past creeds and organizations to destroy barriers and truly united the Church. Thank you for serving The King. I have never been the same because you did.

  129. Tad and Treva Tankard
    Tad and Treva Tankard says:

    Happy Birthday ED!. Tad and Treva Tankard from Harvest Church in Washignton, NC are so honored to have met you and gained such an impartation while you were with us. We pray your BEST YEAR is upon you and Success in all God has called you to do.

  130. Daniel Trápala
    Daniel Trápala says:

    Happy Birthday Ed! May God bless you and keep you in good health and give you strenght to continue the titanic labor you are doing for him.

    Receive a hug and many blessings from the Iglesia Evangélica San Pablo family in Tijuana, México.

  131. Margaret Barrett
    Margaret Barrett says:

    Happy Birthday Ed!

    My husband and I first saw you at the KBA anniversary weekend last October at Morningstar. You have such a powerful marketplace message – we were very impacted. And we are inspired by your vitality and ministry. God bless you and Ruth far beyond all you could ask or imagine.

  132. Carolyn Mitchell
    Carolyn Mitchell says:

    Happy blessed birthday to you, brother Ed!
    I am SO blessed to know that you are about to celebrate your 74th birthday! Your life, ministry, and legacy of one who has so effectively impacted the marketplace for Jesus is inspiring! May our Lord grant you a bountiful year of rich relationships within your family, circle of friends, and those who you have yet to befriend! God bless you, Ruth, and your wonderful family!


    • Paul Morrison
      Paul Morrison says:

      Thanks and Happy Birthday Ed. Your teachings at Morningstar on ecklesea changed my outlook on ministry. I began on this journey in ministry by Lance Waulnau 7 mountains teaching. Your teaching filled in the gaps for me. I now have a clear blueprint for moving the Word in my sphere of influence.

  133. Nok
    Nok says:

    Happy birthday Dr.Ed! We pray health and wealth into you and your family and ministry. Thank you for being a great example of how to love the world like Jesus does. Thanks for your teaching that brings us closer to God. May all your heart’s desires come true and God’s kingdom expanded through your ministry.

    Nok Moody
    Phuket Thailand

  134. Michelle Thompson
    Michelle Thompson says:


    Thank you for sharing your contagious joy and confidence in Jesus Christ, our LORD and Savior!!

    When I brought my teenaged son Matt to a TOW conference in San Jose, California ( two years ago, I think), he was impressed with the genuineness of all who ministered. He is soft-spoken and extremely low-key. He expresses feelings quite subtlety. He said, with a determined force of amazement, “ This is too REAL.”
    In other words, the Christians were connecting with reality and with other people in a huge way, this time. He is a believer. He just was unaware that some brothers and sisters were so connected BOTH with God and with people.

    Keep it up!!

    I think God has a smile on His face right now!!

    Blessings and Happy Birthday!!

    Michelle Thompson

  135. Deborah Mak
    Deborah Mak says:

    Happy Birthday Pastor Ed, bless you to have a great year ahead, to see the abundance from our Heavenly Father!

  136. JUDITH
    JUDITH says:

    dear Ed

    Blessed birthday!
    May your strength never fail and your eyes never grow dim as you grace your years in God’s love.

    I’ve been so blessed by your ministry at Kingdom Invasion in Singapore and your newsletters knowing about the great things the Lord has been doing in nations

    God bless u richly

    Judith Yun

  137. JUDITH
    JUDITH says:

    dear Ed

    Blessed birthday!
    May your strength never fail and your eyes never grow dim as you grace your years in God’s love.

    I’ve been so blessed by your ministry at Kingdom Invasion in Singapore and your newsletters knowing about the great things the Lord has been doing in nations

    God bless u richly

    Judith Yun

  138. Brian & Loureen Murphy
    Brian & Loureen Murphy says:

    May this be the most joyful and fruitful year of your life and ministry thus far! Happiest of Birthdays!

  139. Daniel Aleman
    Daniel Aleman says:


  140. Paul Ariga
    Paul Ariga says:

    Dear Ed,
    Happy birthday to you! 1992 in Argentina through Harvest Evangelism International Conference I attended with my Japanese pastors, we were changed and began our new ministries based on Spiritual Warfare. We do appreciate you so much. The new season of harvest in Japan has come!! Glory to God! Blessings
    Paul Ariga

  141. Eve
    Eve says:

    Happy Birthday to my heart’s hero!!! Totally love and appreciate you!! May God bless you and your family on a whole other level this coming year!!!
    You are so loved!!!!!
    Eve xxx

  142. Jesse, Monica & Victoria Amor Gaxiola
    Jesse, Monica & Victoria Amor Gaxiola says:

    Happy happy Birthday to a heaven sent angel. Not only to us but to thousands of people all over the world . We honor you and praise God for you today and everyday. We thank you for believing in us and our ministry we love you and can’t wait to spend time with you in Oahu, Hawaii in July.
    Love, Jesse, Monica & Victoria Amor.
    International Agape Movement

  143. Roy
    Roy says:

    Dear Ed, Yuk Lynn and I miss you, Ruth, and the family very much. It’s amazing to see how many spiritual children you have and we feel really blessed to be included. More importantly, we are ever so grateful for all that you have invested in us over the years. Its hard to believe that more than 13 years have passed since the first time we met at the transformation conference in 2006 in NY. A friend once said that the message of transforming nations is one of, if not the most important of our day. You have showed us that discipling nations is not only possible but something we all can reach for because all Father needs is our “yes”. Bless you on this, your 74th birthday. We pray the Lord will continue to refresh, renew, re-energize & rejuvenate you and Ruth that you will continue to increase unto the fullness that is your birthright. With fondness & gratitude, Roy & Yuk Lynn

  144. Joseph Okia
    Joseph Okia says:

    Happy Birthday PapaEd, Thank you so much for your faithful and tireless service. Our nation Uganda has experienced such a transformation in our City and in Our Nation through the principles and paradigms you taught us and we are now seeing the implemented. You are a true Apostle of our times, not just a bible teacher but one who teaches with Authority, and we are the evidence of that Authority – the lives, cities and Nations that are being transformed into their Kingdom Purpose! Love you so much!

  145. Daisy
    Daisy says:

    Happy Birthday father ED speaking God’s blessings upon you, divine health, peace, love, joy and a long and satisfied life. I honor you as a father of Transformation and celebrate your life and thanking God for the blessing you are to me and so many. Happy Birthday. Love and blessings Daisy

  146. Mike and Ann Hey
    Mike and Ann Hey says:

    Happy birthday Ed. We pray that you will know increasing favour and abundance in this season of global fruitfulness and the your family will continue to inspire and bring joyous transformation to many.

  147. Christine van der Linden
    Christine van der Linden says:

    Happy 74th Birthday! May it be filled with great surprises and celebrations.
    I came to your conference in Argentina in 2000 and had a dynamic encounter with God that has sustained me over the years through several sad and difficult times. I heard you in Maidstaone recently and was again stirred at the importance of living out our salvation in the workplace. Thank you for your ministry and lifelong commitment to see God’s kingdom established in your generation.

  148. Carla Bossus
    Carla Bossus says:

    Edgardo Querido,
    May God bless you in a particular and embracing way this year
    Thanks for your teaching and prayer along the years of Harvest Evangelism in San Nicolas.
    Warmest regards,
    (from Hogar El Amanecer )

  149. Lisbeth Guerra
    Lisbeth Guerra says:

    Felicidades en sundial Dr. Silvoso y Que reciba muchas bendiciones. Nuestras oraciones para used y su familia para que continue con la Transformacion de muchas ciudades mas.
    Saludos desde Anniston, AL (WAIO)

  150. Lisbeth Guerra
    Lisbeth Guerra says:

    Felicidades en su dia Dr. Silvoso y Que reciba muchas bendiciones. Nuestras oraciones para used y su Familia para que continue con la Transformacion de muchas ciudades mas.
    Saludos desde Anniston, AL (WAIO)

  151. Paul and Lin Jones
    Paul and Lin Jones says:

    Thanks so much for your ministry. We came to know of you during our honeymoon, which included a trip to Bethel where you spoke. May God continue to use you and yours to transform nations for many years to come.

  152. Barbara Chan
    Barbara Chan says:

    Happy Birthday Father Ed, Praying for a most wonderful day of blessing as you minister together with Mother Ruth, the Schulers and the MacNaughtens and having fun. Praying that the years will be filled with joy as you see signs of nations and cities transformed and your children and family, as will as spiritual children bring back great reports of what God has done through ministering together with otheres who are blessed by your ministry.

    Thank you for always bringing us to a higher level and to a deeper love and trust in God. Thank you for helping me to see my destiny for transformation. Praise God that we have a family that walk together for the same purposes and the same mission. Thank you for all that you have done for me!

  153. David Gschwend
    David Gschwend says:

    Dear Ed,
    You have been such a friend, mentor, leader, apostolic father to myself and so many others. Your intimacy with the Lord is inspirational…your fiery passion for God’s heart is motivational…your insights into the kingdom operation are instructional…but your love for people is foundational. May your best years be ahead as you celebrate this 74th birthday. Happy birthday! David Gschwend

  154. Anne Rowntree
    Anne Rowntree says:

    Dear Ed,

    May the Lord God Almighty continue to bless you and use you in His service.
    May you daily be strengthened in His power and might as you walk with Him.

    The lord bless you and keep you and make His face shine on you.

    With abundant blessings
    Anne Rowntree (England)

  155. Jean Harrington
    Jean Harrington says:

    Dear Pastor Ed,
    I just love to celebrate your birthday with you. May you have a fantastic and refreshing day. Your message of Transformation has changed my and my family’s lives. I thank God for you and your obedience to His call.
    Much love
    Jean, Linda & family

  156. Renee Skerry
    Renee Skerry says:

    Dr Ed – H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y ! ! !
    Thank you for the transformational concepts you have brought to my heart and mind – impacting my ever expanding sphere of influence. You are greatly treasured.
    Love you much, Renee Skerry

  157. John McClements
    John McClements says:

    Dear Ed, Happy Birthday!

    Thank you for being such a faithful bearer of the light of Jesus. It’s a privilege to know you and to hear and see all the Father has done through you to glorify his Son. We are so grateful that you have carried the message of prayer evangelism to the corners of the earth. We are grateful for all that you have imparted to us including the love of God, the love of family, and the love of mankind.

    May God continue to strengthen you, encourage you, guide you, bless your health, and enable you to continue running the race with joy.

    Love and Blessings in Christ!

  158. Derrick Koon
    Derrick Koon says:

    Blessings to you Ed!!! My family is so grateful for you and your ministry that have been inspiring us to take on the Marketplace and the 7 Mountains since 2000 when we joined your short-term mission trip to Argentina!


    Derrick, Helen and Elliott Koon

  159. Ken Sharpe
    Ken Sharpe says:

    Dear Papa Ed
    We wish you a very happy birthday and we send you our love and miss you very much. You have been a positive and powerful influence and light to transform the many people and lives you’ve touched. You gave me the below scripture after I met you almost 10 years ago and now I give it back to you for the next 10 years to carry you to your 84th celebration !

    Ken and Joanna

    Numbers Chapter 6 (24:26)
    The Lord bless thee, and keep thee:
    The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:
    The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.

  160. Chikezie Okike
    Chikezie Okike says:

    Happy birthday, Ed! As your days increase so shall your strength be in Jesus Name. Thank you for making the word of God real for this generation.

  161. Nancy McHarness
    Nancy McHarness says:

    Happy Birthday Ed!
    Thank you for hearing the heart of the Lord for the nations and writing the books that have been the inspiration for our community transformation efforts. Through your encouragement of the power of ONE walking in obedience to the co-mission Jesus gave his disciples, we as a husband and wife made the choice to be obedient. Through the Luke 10 approach, Partners for Schools NPO was birthed in 2010 and the clarion call to action given through BeTheOneToday.org in 2013. Now hundreds of adults and youth have been positively impacted through community mentoring partnerships with schools. As these partnerships grow, we are filled with joy at graciousness plan of God for relational redemption and reconciliation.
    Warm Regards,
    Denny & Nancy McHarness

  162. Mary W
    Mary W says:

    Happy Birthday Papa Ed!

    You are an amazing man of God! I love watching you as you go about doing God’s work. You humbly carry out His will and lovingly expect us to do the same. You encourage us to rise up and become extraordinary people of God–just like you’ve become.

    Happy 74th and Happy Papa’s Day!!

    Much aloha,

  163. Taheaja Sharee Taylor
    Taheaja Sharee Taylor says:

    Happy Birthday to you Sir! May God continue to keep you and bless you and your family. I pray that God gives you the strength, courage, and energy to continue on in His grace and mercy. You have touched so many lives and I thank you so much for the prayers and blessings for my Bishop Vaughn McLaughlin and The Potter’s House International Ministries. We love you and honor you, continue to strive for greatness on your special day.

    With love and blessings,

    Taheaja Sharee’ Taylor

  164. Jill Salome
    Jill Salome says:

    Happy BirthdayEd i am Dennis Lucero’s sister he went to ur hometown with u as an interpreter for the Thompson’s
    Missionaries from Los Gatos in San Jose. If ever in NM or Ariz please let me know!!575/644-6795.jillsalone @yahoo.com

  165. Rijel and Shayla
    Rijel and Shayla says:

    Happy Birthday Ed! Thank you for pioneering and paving the way for the Ekklesia! We honor you today and pray blessings over you! We are so grateful for your life and the way you love!

  166. Rick and Rachel Heeren
    Rick and Rachel Heeren says:

    Happy Birthday, Dad. We met you and the Holy Spirit in 1992 in Argentina and our lives were changed dramatically. We left our 25 year business career and joined your team. It has been an honor to serve under your leadership these past 26 years. It has also been an honor to call you our spiritual father. We thank God for you and Ruth. We love you both very much. We pray that we will be able to celebrate many more of your birthdays in the future. Love and blessings, Rick and Rachel

  167. Teresa Wyatt
    Teresa Wyatt says:

    Happy birthday Ed. May our God bless and keep you surrounded with Angel. May the Favor that is not fair fine you in the name of JESUS. God bless you. Teresa I’m a member of Love and Unity church in Compton California

  168. Poncho M.
    Poncho M. says:

    Hola mi querido EdDad
    Que dia tan importante, especial y bendecido !!
    Y pensar que muchos, pero muchos somos los beneficiados de tan gran bendición, tu nacimiento
    Y no solo tu nacimiento sino toda una vida llena de luchas y sacrificios que han coronado sabiduría, humildad, liderazgo, cariño y sobre todo un gran y sincero amor.
    Gracias por ser el padre espiritual que nunca tuve, el hermano mayor que siempre necesite y el amigo incondicional en quien confiar.
    Que Dios siga llenándote de su Espiritu Santo una y otra vez, que te siga dando mayor revelacion y unción y que cumpla su perfecto y glorioso propósito en tu vida, en cada uno de los que tenemos el privilegio de servirte y en todo el movimiento en el mundo entero.
    Un fuerte abrazo, mis oraciones, mi gratitud y mi amor por siempre.
    Tu hijo

  169. Beverly J.
    Beverly J. says:

    Happy Birthday to you dear brother and leader!

    As you know Ed, before you were born you were in His care. God raised you and your lovely Ruth up for such a time like this. We respect and praise God for all The Father has and is doing in and through your life. And… thank you for all you have done to be a blessing to us.
    Happy Birthday Ed

  170. Steve and Vicki Orsillo
    Steve and Vicki Orsillo says:

    This from the Orsillos Happppy birthday Ed!! Praying that this is the BEST year loving Jesus yet!!
    You are wonderful and I am grateful for you in our lives!!!

  171. Kathy Dufour
    Kathy Dufour says:

    Happy birthday, Ed! Thanks for showing how much you love God and how much you love people by your every day actions that bring the love of Christ to the world. You teach and inspire me. May this be your best year yet!


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